Let’s talk about email marketing!

I know, it’s quite possibly more stressful than videos/Lives, but it’s also incredibly useful.

Want to make it a lot more chill? Follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Picture your ideal recipient, and write for them. Before putting fingers to keyboard, you should have your ideal client avatars set, and know which avatar you’re writing to, and you should segment your audience so only the people who will be delighted by the message will receive it.

Step 2: Offer value. While you’re picturing “Becky”, “Kevin”, or “Jessica” reading your email, figure out what is bugging them today and how your email will help them out. Matching the offer to the pain point is where art and science meet in marketing.

Step 3: Be human. Since you’re writing to a (made up) human, you are allowed to use exactly the language you would use when speaking to them. PROTIP: if you’re struggling to write your message, try dictating it instead!!

Step 4: Reuse good content. If you had a blog post, long form social media post, or even an ebook that did really well with other members of the same avatar group, add that to your email to delight as well as sell. Remember that most of your audience, even if they’re engaged, reads so much online content in the run of a day that the likelihood that they’ll have read, remembered, and processed your content is slim. At worst, it’ll be a refresher on something you know they’ll love.

With those steps in mind, it’s time to get writing!