So…when you just read “success coaching”, what did you think of?

Everyone’s definition is different & there’s no one path to get there.

Hey, I'm Heather -

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I am the Kickass Empress of my own empire who has been obsessed with success since High School... when I was voted 'Most Likely to Succeed.' #truestory

I have spent over a decade madly chasing success and all I won at the end was a health crash and burnout.

It took me years to get back to myself, analyze everything I’d been doing wrong all this time, and start fresh. Now I’m here to help people a few steps behind on this crazy journey to jump past the struggle and into the best version of you.

I’ve been in the arena, sometimes kicking ass, and sometimes getting my ass kicked – and let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be this hard.


I’ve done the trainings, got the coaching, dug into the research, read the books, taken the webinars and the workshops, and had the experience of building a wildly  successful (and fun) marketing business and partnering in a successful consulting firm.

Throughout my journey and the journey of thousands of clients and business besties, the challenges that came up fell into 6 main categories. And working with my team, we’ve developed a full one-on-one coaching program to prioritize, analyze, and address each area – helping you target your most pressing concerns and avoiding overwhelm.

The 6 Ms That Define Everything:


Everything starts with mindset. Your mindset is the single best indicator of your success or failure. Get out of your own way and see how fast your dreams come true.


Getting started is the hardest part (or is it momentum...or consistency?!) Take a breath, I can show you how to get on the path of least resistance, and help you stay there.


Go beyond the tips and tricks and finally get your marketing and messaging out to the masses to propel your success!


Struggling to make the amount of money you want? Hit a ceiling on how much you earn?
It’s time to go deep. We'll break down your money mindset, attitude, & attraction.


Put impostor syndrome to bed for once.
It is possible.'s actually FUN!

Mental Wellness

Wellness coaching is not therapy, it’s about refining and changing your habits, your thoughts, your beliefs, and finding your joy again!

Underlying all of the challenges in those 6 areas are a few common issues:

This program is designed to be gentle, effective, and keep you growing in the long term – with some quick fixes and easy wins built in!

A little about me...

I have been obsessed with learning, happiness, and productivity as long as I can remember.

As a teacher, therapist, marketer, coach, former perfectionist procrastin-action addict, I understand how hard it is to get the F out of your own way…and I know how much more FUN life can be when you’re doing more of what lights you up and less of what stresses you out. 

This program is built kinda like me – half tactics/skill building and half mindset/psychology.

Book a risk free call and see how I can get you moving forward again! 

What are people saying?

Heather is a professional coach and a very good listener. She asked the right questions to scope my needs and react on the exact need, and not some perceived advantage from other experience. I value her professional coaching and flexible style – again to fit customer needs and occasionally constraints.

Heather is highly skilled and bonds very easily. The coaching is a very practical person-to-person experience. The coaching provided was enjoyable and the right balance between theory and practice, safe environment and challenge, and enough time to practise assignments.

If you’re feeling a little lost but not sure where to start, I highly recommend Heather’s guidance. No matter if it’s business, personal or any other block you’re currently facing, she’ll quickly identify the obstacles and help you work through them. Finding clarity at the end of my coaching was crucial to overcoming blocks and feeling confident moving forward in my current path. 

~Estelle Doiron, Founder Koffee Beauty

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“Heather has helped me get moving toward what I actually want instead of constantly running away from what I don’t want! I was able to focus on the homework and have achieved more than I ever thought possible in such a short time!” 
~ Steph A. ~
How Does It Work?

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