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We are so excited to announce the next Kickass Business Retreat!

April 21st – 23rd, 2023

Maven Hill Farm, Memramcook


You are invited to a new kind of business event: an entire weekend dedicated to YOUR business. We will be setting goals, identifying and eliminating roadblocks and obstacles (especially the ones in your head) and THEN getting into the nitty-gritty world of digital marketing.What’s more, you’ll be spending the weekend growing and building your business with a group of aligned, likeminded entrepreneurs who will then become you social media pod, your cheerleaders, and the best sounding board you can imagine!

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group available only to the Kickass Community where you can share ideas, tips, tricks, and have access to the experts 24/7.

Your business should LIGHT YOU UP not BURN YOU OUT!

Join us at beautiful Maven Hill Farm in Memramcook for this full weekend

of YOUR hopes, YOUR goals, YOUR business, and YOUR dreams!

Friday 5:30 – 8pm

MEET GREET & GOAL: The weekend kicks off with our Friday session where we get to know a little bit about each others’ businesses, business stresses, and especially our goals! You will be asked to set 1 or 2 goals (think of the things you allllways put off, or the ones that scare you just a little bit), and share them with the group. Those will be the main focus for your next 2 full days of self-discovery and business growth.

Not sure what a good goal would be? Brainstorm a whole bunch, as specific or broad as you want, and we’ll figure it out together.

Saturday 8:30am – 6pm

BREAKTHROUGH DAY: This is a super intense day of gently facing your ingrained habits, facing your inner demons and getting past the blocks that have held you back for too long. The day’s events include…

Confidence & The Personal Brand

Doing videos make you break out in hives? Not entirely sure what to answer when someone asks you what you do BEST? Constantly battling with your inner critic? It’s time to take back control of your life, your business, and your brain!

We will walk you through science-backed methods to boost your confidence, know your worth, and stop selling yourself short.

The Procrastination Solution

Procrastination does not equal laziness.

Read that again.

One more time.

Ok, now that we have that clear, it’s time to understand the REAL reasons you procrastinate and learn actual honest-to-goodness solutions that will move you through your blocks and stop you from wasting so much time.

This one section alone is worth its weight in coffee!! And it’s only part of the amazing day!

12 Week Year

This is my personal productivity bible and goal setting system that has never let me down…even when I was pretty sure I was setting my sights just a bit too high. Learn how to move away from annualized thinking and get LITERALLY 4 times more done in a year than your competitors, your coworkers, and basically everyone you know.

This shit is magical, I promise.

Allowing Abundance

Too often I hear clients who (without even realizing it) hold themselves back from the level of success, wealth, and happiness that they could have – that they deserve (!!) and all because they can’t see themselves as anything more than their critical stories. We play small because we are afraid of failure, afraid of success (yes, that’s a thing), or simply because we believe we aren’t worthy. While this is TOTAL BS (ask your friends, your mom, your coach and you’ll hear how amazing you are), it takes a long hard look in the mirror to figure out how you’re benefiting from those stories. And then it takes a kick in the pants to get you moving into your awesome new future!

Sunday 8:30 – 5

LET’S GET DIGITAL: Now that we’ve worked on your mindset, it’s time to get the word out and light a MASSIVE fire under your business! This whole day is dedicated to ironing out the wrinkles, the technical difficulties, and getting out from under all the misinformation out there about digital marketing – from websites (Helloooooo Google!) to social media to email – we’ve got information for every level of ability and comfort. Total newbie? YESSS! We love teaching people the right way without having to un-teach bad habits! Tech-savvy? How about we make your job easier, more profitable, and way, way more automated? Sound good? Game on!

Digital Strategy

It all starts with a plan. Well, a plan, a set of goals, and up to 3 client avatars. Scared yet? Don’t be! Once you have a digital strategy set, your job becomes infinitely easier. From scheduling to planning by quarter to setting up and tracking your own #hashtags, your digital strategy is your bible, your playbook, your roadmap to getting exactly what you want out of your online marketing.

Websites & Google

“Just Google it!”

“Is it Googleable?”

Google has become an extra part of our shared brain, and its value is still increasing. While other search engines may be sticking around, our money is on Google to continue to be the conduit by which we access information and organize our lives. And making it work for you has never been easier! From SEO (it can be fun, I swear!!) to what goes on a landing page, we are taking the EEK! out of websites, busting myths left and right, and giving you the info you need to know to make your mark on the internet.

Social Media & Advertising

What’s the difference between a boost and an ad? What do I post and how ofter? Which insights will give me actual insight? HOW MUCH DOES THIS ALL COST? (And why, oh why do you keep telling me to log in to my LinkedIn, you crazy girl?!)

From running a healthy organic social media plan – which is the first step for literally everyone – to adding in advertising for an extra kick, we are covering the world of social, the benefits and most common mistakes, and how to make it work in your real life (the one where your toughest decision should be whether or not to have another coffee. And yes you should.)

Email Marketing & Beyond

What would you do if Facebook and Google disappeared? DON’T PANIC, I don’t know anything you don’t know and I’m sure they’re fine. But…really, if you couldn’t post, couldn’t tag, couldn’t do a FB Live…what would you do to keep your people in the loop?

Enter email marketing! And I swear, it can be fun and actually keep you in tune with your business, no matter what kind of service or product you sell.

First of all thank you for reading ALL OF THOSE WORDS (and skimmers, congrats for winning the race to the bottom of the page)

Are you ready to sign up, give me your weekend and change your mindset, your business, and maybe even your life?

Then let’s talk logistics!

Dates: April 21st – 23rd (we prefer to have you there for all three days, but if you’re unable to make the Friday session, we’ll book a call ahead of time and get you sorted.)

Cost: $395+HST (paid to hold your spot – and there are only 14 spots!)

Overnight Accomodations (if required): NOT included in the cost, contact to book your spot.

Discount: Since this stuff is even better with friends, for every friend that you refer, you will receive $50 cash back with your registration. Yes, for EVERY one who pays in full. Pretty sweet way to show that sharing is caring!

Refunds: We will be offering a full refund up to 2 weeks prior to the event, and hold your spot in the next retreat after that.

To register: Fill out the form below and you will receive an invoice in your email. Once it’s paid, you’re in!!



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