In the world of web presence, the words you use are as important as the product you sell or service you offer.

Read that again. If visitors to your site can’t understand, appreciate, or believe in what you offer based solely on a few words and images, they are going to keep surfing right on by.

Potential clients and customers are a fickle bunch, and the internet has brought competition to a whole new level. Focusing on your SEO (aka making Google like you) to bring people to your page, and content marketing to get them excited once they find out is the best (and possibly only) way to find success online.

So what does HALA do? We take your vision and we brand it into easily consumable, Google-friendly messages that the masses will understand, trust, and use. We turn surfers into clients and clients into brand enthusiasts.

How does HALA do this? Online communications depends on three components: a strong website, a strong social media presence, and strong content. We can provide all three, or any of the above. If you’re already happy with your web design and online presence, we can help you fill in the gaps.

Blogging: The Ugly Swan of Content Marketing
What is blogging? Isn’t that something vegans and stay at home moms do?

Blogging has gone such a bad rap online that marketers have started to rebrand the term: we now refer to it as “dynamic content” to avoid rolled eyes. And yes, there’s lots of #MomBloggers out there, but they aren’t our market.

YOU are our market. So how does blogging help you?

Blogging is one method of obeying Google’s desire for new, New, NEW!!! Search engines crawl sites every few weeks and if your site hasn’t added anything new crawl after crawl, you will be flagged as a dead page and you’ll start to drop in ranking.

By presenting content that is fresh, up to date, and industry-based, you’ll not only improve your search ranking, you’ll also become a trusted voice, an expert in your industry.

Hate writing or struggle to find the time?

No problem, we LOOOOVE it. Our little army of content writers will work with you to get technical aspects of your business and create your content based on your brand, your voice, and your messaging, and we’ll even post it for you (and hey, if you want it marketed on social media, we can handle that part too!)