Simple Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking in 2020

Let’s start with the basics.

SEO is the abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO is all about making Google like you so they serve up your site to as many RELEVANT searchers as possible. Google has rules (ever-changing as they may be) and they reward those who follow them.

The number one rule? If users who land on your page like it, Google will like you better.

It’s not magic, and it’s not as complicated as many marketers would have you believe but it is time-consuming, takes a lot of thought and planning, and won’t serve up overnight results. SEO is a process, not a product.

So how do you get your site on Google’s nice list? Some areas of SEO require specific expertise, but to land you on the map (which is the Holy Grail of ranking) or to improve your ranking in general search, there are a few quick and easy things any business owner can do.

Secure your Website with HTTPS

Although it was originally created for ecommerce, Google now prioritizes search results from any and all websites having the HTTPS protocol. And even more importantly, since regular HTTP sites are now being presented as “Not Secure” in more browsers, your users are now much more likely to trust and engage with secure websites.

How do you get HTTPS? Contact your host or your domain registrar. It’s a product like any other, and often will be free within contract (we don’t change for HTTPS protocol since it’s just good business for our clients and doesn’t cost us anything!)

Focus on Producing Your Best Content

While many SEO fads come and go, content is still the undisputed king when it comes to improving your SEO in 2020 – and beyond. No matter what else you do, if your content isn’t solid, up to date, and being consistently refreshed you’re going to pay for each set of eyes on your site. That’s the hard truth. It takes time or money – and the best case scenario takes some of BOTH.

Writing blogs can be overwhelming (for functional info on dealing with content overwhelm CLICK HERE.) And if you don’t have a content plan at all, check THIS out.

Improve your Website Load Time

Improving the time it takes for your webpages to load leads to improved user-experience and ultimately benefits your website’s organic search engine ranking. A one-second delay in the website load time can translate into a major loss for your business.

Find out the factors that are slowing down your website and address them periodically. Embedded video (especially on the front page) is a speed killer, you may have to compress images, enable browser caching or reduce plugins. Focus on light and easy over heavy and over-designed.

Use Long-tail Keywords

We talk to Google, SIRI, Alexa, and other search providers like they’re our friends – in sentences. We ask questions, we want sentences in return. Long-tail keywords are sentences or partial sentences that Google can use to match you to even more relevant viewers.

Social Media Still Matters

Writing your content will allow Google to find you. Sharing your content will direct people right to you, boosting total viewers, time spent on page, and most likely total pages per viewer. Both make you relevant and popular, which makes Google notice you even more. So don’t write it and forget it. Share your genius with the world, and help Google help you.