Selling on Benefits Doesn’t Work Anymore


The feature is how you do what you do.

The benefit is the specific problem you solve.

The VALUE is how the specific problem you solve changes the lives of your audience.

Selling on value is where the money is.

Brazilian Blowout used a unique sulfate-free, super-nutrient combination (FEATURE)
For anyone who wants shiny hair, Brazilian Blowout is the best! (BENEFIT)
You are beautiful. You are confident. You are ready to take on the world. You are a Brazilian Blowout Babe. (VALUE)

Creating a solution to the largest pain points we can, and by attaching the value of the brand to the lifestyle your audience wants to lead are the ways to effectively brand to avoid competing on price.

Your product or service is special. You use ingredients, techniques, or procedures that solve problems, and those solutions have a ripple effect on your customer’s life. Embrace that. Own it. And let your customers see the difference of working with or buying from you.

(Disclaimer: Even if the word “babe” makes you feel icky, you can still see the difference in the value-based messaging.)