5 Effective and Simple Ways to Update Your Website

It’s no secret that a key ingredient in SEO is updated content. Google has staked its name and reputation on feeding users the most current and relevant information (notice I didn’t say the “most true” or “most factual”) and so they require websites to be updated regularly or face the consequences. How often you must update your site is a hotly debated topic among marketers, but we all agree that a minimum of every 3 weeks is necessary to keep you from slipping down in Google’s ranking. So does this mean you need a blog? Blogs are a fantastic way to increase SEO, get in touch with your customers, and with video blogs to create connection with hundreds or thousands of potential clients but it’s not the only way to stay on Google’s good side.

Here are five non-blog ideas to keep your site current, fresh, and exciting:

Give it a simple facelift

So much of the impact of your website comes from the hero shot – the image people see when they open up your site. Happy with your initial look? Now take a look at your team shots – are they dated? Are there new team members? People who’ve moved on? Is your bio picture from 10 years and 30lbs ago?

Updating your team pictures (or simply adding them to your About page) is a super quick and easy way to not only obey the alight Google algorithm, but also to make a better connection with the people who pay the bills – clients and customers who want a connection with you.

Add a book online and email opt-in (or revamp where/how they are integrated)

To turn new clients into returning clients and returning clients into cheerleaders, you want to keep them connected. The easiest way to do that is to make their lives more convenient (book online) and give them reminders, information and info on promotions (email opt-in.)

Do you have them and they’re not converting? Talk to your designer and see where else they can go – they cannot be too much in your face…even the dreaded pop-up box has its place!

Change taglines, headlines, and conclusions

Instead of changing out all of your content (ain’t nobody got time for that), freshen up your headlines, taglines, and consulting paragraphs – you can change the whole tone of your website pages simply by updating the biggest and boldest areas, while leaving the meat of the content alone.

Add or update testimonials throughout your site

Even if you have a strong set of testimonials already on your site, you can always add new ones! Adding testimonials to actual content pages is key: pages titled “Testimonials” are where great reviews go to die. When was the last time you heard awesome feedback from customers? Last week? Ask if they can write a little something. Or you can always reuse your Google and Facebook Recommendations and Reviews!

Add social proof

Do you do work for hundreds of customers? Do you do fleet work for many national or international companies? Do you have a 500 Club (vehicles you service ongoing that have surpassed 500k kms)? Let your audience know the numbers behind your success! Have you received awards or recognition? You should keep celebrating long after the fanfare has died down. Work your wins into your front page content, your about page content, even your contact page content. The more you prove that others like, trust, and choose you, the easier it is for new clients to jump on board.

Everything you can do to add a bit more interest to returning clients and keep Google attracting new clients will help. And remember, your website is your calling card to the world – make sure it’s sending a message you’re proud of!