Are you playing small? Your “Ideal Client” is a good indicator

Are you thinking BIG enough?

At a workshop I was teaching, a handful of the attendees had a BIG problem.

Not a problem that is BIG.

A problem with thinking BIG.

One attendee was a business consultant who is looking to get just 10 or so high ticket clients. My response? Systemize your process and get 100 high ticket clients (or 1000) and hire and train a staff…which will lead to both awesome profit and the ability to only work with 4 clients instead of having to work with 10. Second bonus: having hundreds of clients versus 10 means you are less dependent on those 10 specific clients. Third bonus: having hundreds of happy clients over a year means you’ll have hundreds of referrals instead of dozens.

Another attendee was looking to do interior design and was trying to set up her Money Avatar (join The Kickass Collective for in-depth training on your three avatars) but hadn’t considered partnering with contractors or kitchen companies to create partnerships. She was hoping to rely on higher ticket clients to make up her Money Avatar – which she would need since her Soul Avatar was probably going to be a lower ticket price…and she faced the possibility of burning out by taking on too many them. By switching out her Money Avatar to partnerships and contract work with contractors, and moving her Soul Avatar up to be those high ticket clients, she’s now looking at a profitable mix of clients – and of course, she can still serve her You-vatar, which in her case was lower ticket clients with lower levels of need.

Looking at both of these scenarios, it wasn’t that what they were doing or thinking was wrong. It was just SMALL.

So think BIG. If you can’t seem to break out of your current thoughts, ask a friend, a biz coach, or send us a message and we’ll have you thinking big in 5 minutes! And research what others have done and think even BIGGER.

Just. Stop. Playing. Small.